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How to make your progressive web app better?

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During the process of PWA’s development, we should be guided by the principles that apply when you create a classic website. Thus, it’s necessary to analyze keywords and select appropriate phrases, monitor competition, link building, or create content. Good SEO practice in PWA concerns the URL, site indexing, page speed and meta tags. PWA is a kind of app that is in trend now. If you want to know, what is a pwa and why it’s better than native apps in 2020, just read our previous posts.😉

So, how do SEO and PWA work together?

1. Search engines usually don’t like plagiarized and repetitive content. 🙅‍♀️ Therefore, in the case of two versions of the site – standard and PWA, it is necessary to eliminate the phenomenon of duplication of content. To do this, you will need to use canonical links that inform search engines about the original URL address. By placing a link with a canonical attribute on PWA, we will indicate the page with the content in the original version.

While staying in the subject of the web page URL, let’s not forget about the structure. The address must be simple, without additional characters and, above all, without hashtags – the Google robot does not see them.

2.Regularly check the Google Search Console. 👩‍💻 It lets you get some statistics about the Google-indexed version of a page or see a screenshot of the displayed page seen by Googlebot. Thanks to these functions, we can see if the site is working correctly. Another one of Google’s ranking factors is the site load time you should care about. It will decrease the bounce rate (users hate waiting too long) and improve the visibility of the Google search results page.

3.Good meta tags for the best PWA positions. 📃Therefore, PWA should be supplemented with meta tags with information corresponding to the content of all subpages.

4.JavaScript introduction.💻 Using this language, you will get a lot of options options, but you should bear in mind some difficulties with indexing JavaScript-based pages. Despite numerous improvements, there are still some difficulties. Needless to say, that not only search engines, but the biggest social networks, like Twitter & Facebook, still use HTML and don’t have advanced JavaScript.

Moreoer,you shoukd understand,what are the key benefits of PWAs, to know, what you can imrove thanks to SEO( read here 📲).

PWA checklist for SEO

To ensure that you have the best product, it’s essential to use the Google checklist. This list includes some key recommendations and examples that cover user experience, push notifications, downloads, and cache issues. But don’t forget about another one crucial moment: track as many events as possible in Google Analytics. We have taken several important recommendations from this list:

So, make sure that:

  1. The site is available and works correctly in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, etc)
  2. The app works on mobile devices and tablets and passes the Google test positively
  3. Content is easy to share, and all of them are displayed when offline
  4. Page-to-page transitions don’t take too  much time and respond immediately after clicking
  5. Each page defines its own canonical URL using the Ref =”canonical ” link.
  6. Metadata is included in the PWA.
  7. The website uses the cache first networking
  8. The Network Information API is used to show the user when they are offline.
  9. The content or interface is not skipped when the page loads.

Jump to the conclusion of the PWA & SEO topic of PWA, it is worth considering the implementation of the PWA (is you still don’t have it), especially in e-commerce. PWAs used all over the world, especially used by giants like Aliexpress, Trivago, OLX or Uber. They work better, feel simpler and look like native apps. And SEO is over here to improve these apps and make them at the high level, with their page speed, clear title and tags, mobile-friendliness and more. 

When designing progressive web applications, we should follow the rules that apply when creating a classic website. Therefore, it will be necessary to analyze keywords and choose the right phrases, monitor competition, link building or create content. Good SEO practices in mobile, which is worth keeping in mind when creating PWA, relate to URL, site indexing, page speed, and meta tags. So, it’s high time to contact us and make your app come true!😊

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